Stop Websites To Know What You Are Doing On Internet

You might not know but all the data searched by your over search engine are stored by them so that next time when you search on the same site they will offer you the same type of advertisements as per your searched keywords. But then you will never want to lose your privacy to any random site on internet and god knows if they get this data without intimating us, then where would they putting up on. In this post I will help you with an add-on rather going for a tool, just make sure that you have Mozilla Firefox installed on your system.


All the users who are really conscious about the tool can have their problem by an add-on named ‘TrackMeNot’, which once installed will help your searched keywords to get skipped from the hands of the search engine. There are two types of search data which are sent to the search engine, one of them is real searches which are saved by them search engines and the other one is the bogus searches which are ignored by Search Engines. This add-on will hide your real times searched keywords in the bogus searches and thus your data will never be tracked by other Search engine.

You will be able to see the small toolbar of this add-on at the bottom of the browser as posted in the screenshot above. As you know that add-on does not has any User Interface, so after doing it with the help of the link mentioned you will just have to drag the downloaded file in the browser and then it will be installed on your browser, If you want to disable it then you will just have right click on the toolbar mentioned above and then under the options disable the ‘Enable’ Checkbox.

The size of this add-on is less than 100Kb, and the step to install has been mentioned above. The add-on is expected to work on all the versions of Windows as it has been tested on Windows 7 ultimate 32-bit edition. If you face any problem while using or installing it then please let us know. Just remember to put that in the comments section.

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