Make USB Ports Non Functional In Windows On Any PC With USB Disabler

The most common source of virus on the computers is as ‘un-scanned pen-drive’, we have a habit of scanning the pen drives of our friends but sometimes we just forget that our own pen-drive might have some virus. As soon as you plug-in that hard disk or pen-drive then it copies its virus to your system, while doing that you might see some error message but generally users ignore all the error messages unless their job gets stuck. Most of the times your friends without asking you put their pen drive on your system.


Today we will be reviewing a tool which will help you to save your computer for sure by restricting the pen-drive permissions on your computer. As you can see the screenshot of the tool which clearly mentions that the User-Interface is very simple. It divides the general status of a pen drive on your system into 3 different categories as mentioned below.

  • Normal: This will simply mean that there is no restriction on any of the actions which can be performed by a pen-drive. Tool will not play any role in this category.
  • Read-Only: Under this status of permission, all the pen-drives connected on your system will be in read-only mode and thus you will not be able to copy anything over that pen-drive and this also means that all the documents and other personal files of the user are safe on the computer.
  • Disabled: This status will entirely hide the USB-drives; your computer will not be able to detect any pen-drive connected to your USB ports. It is pretty similar to the USB ports which are blocked on the computer at your work place.

So this tool only let your computer detect the pen-drive when you want it to, this simply means that no one will be able to do any data transfer from your computer using their USB drives.

You can also use another tool named ‘USB Drive Disabler’ which has been already reviewed here, but then in this tool you will have only have 2 options either you can unlock the USB and give the an USB drive full access to the system or you can lock them so they cannot be detected completely or you can also use an application ‘USB Blocker’ reviewed here, which can be used to disable all the USB ports on your system thus protecting it from any of the unknown data transfer through them. Both of these applications are short and portable but when compared with USB Disabler then they lack the only option putting the USB drives in ‘Read Only’ mode.

The size of USB Disabler is 900 KB and it is a portable which has been tested by us on Windows 7 32-bit Ultimate edition. Please let us know if you face any problem while using this tool.

Download USB Disabler

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