Stop Touchpad To Respond While Typing

You often feel annoying at times when your hand by mistaken touch the touchpad of your notebook while typing some text, and your cursor jump to another location on your screen and then you will need to either use backspace or rewrite a complete line. To solve this problem, today we are going to tell you about a tool named Touchpad Blocker.

Touchpad Blocker as the name suggest, is the tool to block the touchpad of your notebook for particular duration. Notebook has only option to completely turn off or on touchpad. But if you want to type something and also want to use cursor or you don’t want to spend your time in switching touchpad key again and again, then there is no inbuilt solution for this problem. So to ease your typing, use this tool on your notebook.

Touchpad Blocker is a very small application along with simplest user interface. This application requires no installation and when you run its exe file, you will see a window as follow.

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The basic functionality of this tool is that this tool automatically lock your touchpad for the desired time interval after you press any key from the keyboard. So during that duration, if at all by mistaken your hand touch your touchpad, then too it won’t affect the cursor on your screen as it is locked by the tool. This tool is specially designed for all those notebook lovers who prefers touchpad instead of a mouse.

Now at the start-up, you can see different options on the screen. First option is Automatically run program on start-up. Put a mark on this option if you want this tool to automatically start as the booting process of your windows starts. Make sure that if you enable this option, then it would mean that this tool will always run on your notebook automatically and your touchpad will get lock for particular location whenever you press any key.

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The next option is to set the time duration for locking the touchpad. As you can see above, by default this tool sets the locking duration as 300ms. You can even change this time duration by simply clicking on the arrow keys given just adjacent to it. Note that arrow key will increase or decrease with 100. If you want to set your own timing interval expect for factor of 100, then too you can click on the box and enter desired duration from keyboard.

Click on “Beep when click is blocked” so that you can get a notification that your touchpad is locked. And the last option is the shortcut to open this tool. By default it is set to Ctrl+F9 but if you are not comfortable with this shortcut, you can even change it by clicking on box and then entering the desired shortcut.

Once you done with all the setting close this tool, and this tool will now minimized to your system tray. This tool is very simple and best part is that it is very safe to use and it won’t effect the performance of your notebook and there is no need to worry. This tool is absolute safe to use.

The size of this tool is 441 Kb and it will pin automatically in your system tray. This tool is compatible with all the versions of Windows and has ben tested successfully on Windows 7 Ultimate-32 bit edition.

Download Touchpad Locker

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