Stop The Annoying Narrator Voice Over Sound In Mac OS

The narrator can be really annoying once it is switched on accidently in Mac OS, as it happened with me when I accidently pressed Command+F5 which switched voice over ON in mac os. I was really annoyed with this voice over as the robotic sound keeps saying whatever I do on mac, and it does not even stop when I restarted mac os many times but it does not helped.


If you are facing the same problem, here is how you can switch off the voice over quickly by pressing the key Command+F5 as shown in the screen shot above or else navigate to the System Preferences >> Universal Access >> Voiceover Off to switch it off.

This small little tip could be helpful to many new mac users like me, who are really annoyed by the voice over sound activated accidently, here are some more mac tips we have had written about before.


  1. Claire says

    When the little voice said “Voice over off” I literally got up and danced!

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