Stop Sound Coming In Google Chrome From Any Unknown Tab Or Website

There are times when you suddenly notice some sound coming from google chrome, but when you try to find which google chrome tab or which website making that noise which looks like a commercial or video playing. The first method is to inspect all the tabs but if the number of tabs are large its not the best solution.

In such cases we would suggest you to install and use the popular google chrome extension called Mute Tab which lets you find out which tab could possibly be making the noise as shown in the image below, you can easily mute all tabs noise in one single click.


Most of the time when you here such sound it could be possibly due to some flash ad or flash based youtube video, the simplest way to stop this sound and get rid of the sound instantly is to follow the procedure below. In order stop sound in such cases, open task manager in google chrome by selecting the option as shown in the image below.

10-22-2011 1-23-33 AM 

now you need to end the process which says Plug in: shockwave flash as shown in the image below. Select it and then click end process button.

mute google chrome sound

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