Stop Send Office Feedback OfficeSASScheduler.exe and Officesas.exe Process From Running Automatically On Startup

Office 2010 is a one such great tool which allows you to send feedback by running the feedback component called Send a Smile or Send a Frown Feedback for Office 2010 Products. But this feedback component of office 2010 runs automatically every time you start your computer.


There are two process running all the time wasting your CPU usage and memory, called OfficeSASScheduler.exe and Officesas.exe which you can simply stop them from running by disabling them in msconfig, read on further to know how to disable these process to run at system startup.

Follow the procedure below

1. Press Win + r and type msconfig in the text box and press Enter


2. It will open System Configuration box


Uncheck the entry pointing to the feedback component and click the Apply button and then click OK, that’s it done. The feedback process will not run after you restart your computer, 


  1. Jeremy says

    This program is not in the registry either on Windows Server 2003 x64. I searched all of the startup folders as well. Any other ideas?

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