Stop Reliance Netconnect Page From Opening When Reliance NetConnect Broadband + Data Card Connects To Internet

I have been using reliance netconnect broadband + from some time now, I am very satisfied with the fast browsing and downloading speed it offers. Since the day I started using it, firstly I faced the disconnection problem of reliance netconnect broadband + which I had solved and posted about and then I figured out a a way to check reliance netconnect broadband plus data card usage.

From the first day I have been annoyed by the reliance pop page which opens every time when I connect to Internet with reliance netconnect user interface software which I installed from the data card itself.

This direct URL to this page is


this page is quite relevant as it contains the link to the page where you can check the data usage of the reliance data card, but once you have noted down or bookmarked the login page to check the data card usage then this page is of no use. This page opens in the default browser every time you connect to internet with reliance netconnect card for reason and becomes a major annoying factor with time.

Here is how you can stop this page from opening every time you connect with internet

Make sure that your reliance data card is connected to your and detected in reliance netconnect interface (as shown in the image below).


Click the RED cross (close button) on the reliance netconnect to close the interface now, after clicking the close button you will see a warning message like the one shown below.


After clicking Ok you will see a new warning saying whether you just want to close the reliance netconnect interface or do you also want to shutdown the data card connected to your computer (as shown in the image below )


Click the button which says Quit application and Open Network Connections on your XP or Vista Computer

For XP

Open Start Menu >> Network Connections

For Vista

Open Start Menu >> Run and type the following command


and press Ok

This will open up network connections window which will have all the connections including wireless, LAN and Dial Up Connections, here you will see Reliance Dialup Connection for your data card.


As shown in image above right click on the dialup connection and create a desktop shortcut. You can use the desktop shortcut to connect to internet without opening the reliance netconnect page when its gets connected, but make sure that reliance netconnect interface it not running other wise the reliance netconnect page will open up in your default browser.  

In order to connect to internet now, double click the desktop shortcut to the dialup connection


Double clicking this icon, will open up the dialog box to dial the connection to connect to internet


click Dial button to get connected to internet with out opening of the annoying reliance connect page. This time it will not open up any page when its gets connected to internet. After some seconds you can open any page in your browser to know whether you are connected or not. I invented this simple trick on my own, I hope you found this trick useful. 


  1. Manju says

    Worked like a charm…Thank you so much, it helped me get rid of this big time annoyance (By the way I use a reliance broadband + connection and the same technique worked fine)

  2. says

    Here i got the solution for this problem, After installing the Reliance netconnect.
    Go to Program File ->Reliance Netconnect – Broadband+ ->plugins ->XFramePlugin -> then look for file name Config.xml. right click-> open-with ->Word or Notepad Then look for tag “” change this to “about:blank” and save. Now disconnect and reconnect to the RNB+ the page will open as Blank.

  3. abhishek says

    Mac users does not see this webpage opening problem, configure and connect the reliance netconnect as defined in the post link given below

  4. Emmanuel Samuel says

    Hi i am getting an error while connecting Reliance broad band it’s getting connecting & disconnecting in windows xp.& also a error of certain exe pops up

  5. ARUN says

    Hello Friend,

    It is really helped me to solve the issue , Very Very Very useful tricks!! Great ..

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