Stop Receiving Unwanted Spam Mails In Yahoo Mail Account

Some times when you open your mail box it is flooded with so many unwanted mails that it becomes a tedious task to delete those mails and find your personal and work mails in them. And you would like to unsubscribe form those mails even after sending them constant emails and requests to unsubscribe you from the list they will not do it and keep sending you those emails about the special offers, events, sales etc. . Generally you you sing up for email updates from various websites when you need them but after some time you don’t. But the updates always keep on coming, when you have to subscribe to any email the procedure is really simple, simply enter your e-mail address and you are done. But when you have to unsubscribe from any email the case is opposite it does not work by simply entering your email address you will sometimes have to fill the form, answer some questions and after all this you will have to write them an official email to unsubscribe yourself as they may not do it the first time which has happened many times in my case.

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But if you have a Yahoo! Mail account then unsubscribing from unwanted mails will be very easy for you. In Yahoo! Mail unsubscribing from unwanted mails is very easy. Now you will simply have to move the mails to a folder and you are done you will never be bothered from mails from that id. Unsubscribing has never been so easy but now it is with the Unsubscriber app from OtherInbox.

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In order to use this application present in the Yahoo! Mail just click on this application. It will be present at the last below all the apps. In order to start using this Unsubscriber app just click on the just click on the application icon. When you will click on the Unsubscriber app icon you will get a button on which “Create my Unsubscribe Folder” is written. Once you click on this button an Unsubscribe folder will appear automatically in your folder list.  Now you can simply drag and drop all the unwanted mail that you want to unsubscribe into this folder. You will automatically unsubscribed form the emails coming from that id. In case you can’t be unsubscribed you won’t receive any emails from the same id again as they will be automatically moved to the unsubscribe folder.

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