Stop Receiving Group Page, Chat Notifications Coming To Facebook Account Profile

Facebook has recently introduced some great new features like new style facebook groups which act some what like mailing list with some great features, posting  picture and notifying the members of group only, group chat etc.

But as per the initial response from the users these new features seems to be more annoying for some users rather than being useful, as you can see the update below from a facebook user.

10-8-2010 1-22-10 AM

As it seems that any of your friend can add you on facebook and you will receive a notification for the same, you can easily disable all notifications for a specific group by clicking on "Unsubscribe" link available in the group. Secondly, on top of the Groups page, you will find an button to "Edit Notifications" – You can select the setting which says never notify me.

Another way to stop notifications coming from any facebook group in which you are added, is to go to your facebook account settings as shown in the image below.


Under account settings click on notifications link as shown in the image below.

10-8-2010 1-44-21 AM

Scroll down and locate group notification section and uncheck the notification options under it as per your preference.

10-8-2010 1-46-02 AM

Looks like many facebook users are more disappointed with the new facebook group features, facebook really need to do something to solve this. we will keep you update with more tips on this topic.

[ Source – Techie Buzz ]

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