Stop Programs From Adding Them Into System Startup with Disable Startup

Disable Startup  [ via ] is free program which acts as a startup manager and it will keep monitoring the new entries to startup items after installation and helps you manage and optimise widows startup configurations. This is small free tool which works in both windows xp and vista.


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As shown in the image above you can define the action when a new program gets added to system startup, either you can disallow all or set it to show a one warning message when a new start item is added [ which is a better option ]


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As shown in the image above by clicking the tab which says current windows startup you can remove the startup items directly without opening windows and no need to restart windows after making the changes.


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In the third and the last tab which says Current Internet Explorer Start Pages you can configure default page urls and start pages for the current user. In all disable startup is a nice handy program to use which lets you control the number of  startup programs which make your windows slow when they increase.

Download Disable Startup [ Direct Link ]

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