Stop, Prevent Tumblr Blog To Be Found, Indexed Through Search Engines

We have been writing many tips on tumblr blog, since the day I started my tumblr photo blog. We have shared some tips like how to change the URL address of your tumblr blog and another tip on how to backup contents of a tumblr blog.

Today we will tell you more about how to make your tumblr blog private so that search engines don’t index your blog or your tumblr blog does not get found via tumblr search and search engines, follow the procedure below for the same.

1. Go to and login to you tumblr blog dashboard and then click the link in the right sidebar Customize as shown in the image below.


2. Once you click the customize link, it will redirect you to a new page which has a horizontal bar just below the address bar to customize the settings related to your tumblr blog, click Advanced text in the horizontal menu bar, and uncheck the following options as shown in the image below.


As shown in the image above, uncheck allows search engines to index your blog and uncheck promote me on tumblr.

3. Now click Save + Close button to close the customize menu bar and save all the changes

save close

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