Stop Other Buzz Users To Know Whom You Are Following and Your Followers In Google Buzz

Google Buzz by default seem to have a privacy leak, as per the default option in your google profile which you configure for google buzz allows other people to see all those people whom you are following and all those who are following you on google buzz.

You may not want other to peek in and get to know about your private contacts as these people might be from your gmail contact list, In such a you just need to configure a simple setting under google profile for your google buzz.

Here is how you can prevent this privacy leak in google buzz

Follow the procedure given below

1. Make sure you are signed in your gmail account

2. Now open

3. Now click the link text Edit Profile [ as shown in the image below ]


4. Now uncheck the checkbox which says Display the list of people I’m Following and people following me [ as shown in the image below ]


5. Scroll down the profile page and click the button Save Changes – That’s it done – Now no one can see your followers or will not even get to know about those whom you are following on google buzz.

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