Stop or Prevent Your Profile To Appear In Facebook Search

Facebook is no doubt one of the biggest social networks, but on the other hand there are cases also when people privacy getting compromised with facebook, however there are some simple options which you can configure to protect information about you on facebook.


Today we tell you how to hide your profile under facebook search results, follow the procedure below for the same.

1. Login to Facebook in any Internet browser

2. Go to Facebook Account Privacy Settings


3. Go to Search under privacy settings


4. Here you can specify who can see in facebook search results and you can also specify the search


You can customise these options as per your preference. We hope you like this simple facebook tip, also we had written several other facebook tips which can make your life more easier using facebook you can consider reading them.

If you have any new facebook tip to share, do let us know through comments, we would love to feature that with full credit to you :)

[ Source – TroubleFixers ]

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