Stop or Kill Hanged, Non Responding Application Program In Windows

Hello Readers!! in this post we will telling you about a smart solution to a very common problem. If you have been using Windows Operating System since Windows 98 then you must have observed that there are frequent chances that an application will get crashed or get hung, which is one of the irritating problem. Now whenever any application crashes then there are certain chances that the explorer also restartrs it again and all the applications which were opened also get disturbed as there are fair chances that any of the application may also get closed.


With the advancement and improvement in the Operating System, this problem was kept in mind and initiative were taken to get rid of this problem but still in Windows 7 this problem persists but not that frequent. Whenever an application hangs we go for starting the Task Manager and then turning off the application or I should say that killing that particular process. Today in this post we will be telling you a solution which will help you get rid of this problem with just a double click and please let me tell you that this is not a freeware or any other application. It is a home-made remedy and I am sure that you will enjoy it. just follow the steps mentioned below and you will know how to do it:-

  • Open the notepad and then type the command shown below in the snapshot, this is command prompt command which is used to kill any process that has hanged or paused.  The line written there is
  • taskkill /f /fi "status eq not responding"


  • After writing the above line in you notepad save it as a batch file, now this can be done by putting that name as ‘task-kill.bat’ as shown below in the snapshot and below it there is an option of File type change it to ‘All Files’.


  • Now this batch file has been saved and now whenever as application hangs you just need to double click this batch file and then a command prompt window will blink-out. I tried hard and captured that window which has been shown below in the snapshot.


That’s it your problem will be solve and now there is no need to open the task manager or any other program to get rid of this problem. Please let us know if you have a better solution, keep reading and have a nice day!!!

NOTE:- This solution is only feasible for the OS above Windows XP (excluding Windows XP Home edition).

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