Stop or Kill Hanged, Frozen, Unresponsive Process, Applications With KillProcess

Task Manager is the only medium for us, to know which processes and services are running on our personal computers and to terminate  processes which we wish not to run on our systems. Every time you install a new software or program the likelihood of an unknown service adding into the processes list in the task manager, is more and all these subsequently eat up your computer’s speed.

No wonder users who even know a bit about these processes and services and how to kill them, are unwilling to get into such trouble of selecting each process manually and then terminating it. Moreover, the process of killing needs to continued for several times in order to remove all those unwanted processes from your list.

Significantly not every process is unwanted and people who are unaware of which processes are to be terminated should not try their hands on this. Most of the times even the task manager doesn’t allows one to kill a particular process and displays “Access Denied” ultimately annoying the user who quite sure about the process and doesn’t like the fact that its running on his/her PC.

With new softwares and programs being developed, targeting at better speed and functionality a small program called KillProcess occupying 1.81 MB of space is available which aims at killing processes with ease and quickness. It has a very user friendly interface with a user count of over 1 Million. The program’s speed depends only on your processor speed and not on operating system or the space you occupy on your hard disk.

Kill Process

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Unique Features Of KillProcess

  • Very Fast(Responds in Milliseconds)
  • Can kill multiple processes either by selecting them or using Kill Lists for all operating systems.
  • It is more powerful than Task Manager in terms other than speed.
  • Can kill processes which Task Manager cannot kill.

Limitations of KillProcess

  • wowexec.exe runned 16-Bit applications cannot be terminated directly.
  • Processes which are being debugged with Microsoft Developer Studio or other similar products, cannot be terminated while they are in a stage like when stepping through the code etc.


The latest version 2.44 released supports both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of following Microsoft Windows operating systems:

  • Windows 2000
  • Windows XP
  • Windows 2003
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 2008 (R1 & R2)
  • Windows 7

Download KillProcess & Kill Lists

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