Stop NBService.exe – Disable Nero BackItUp Scheduler From Running Automatically

Nero BackItUp Scheduler runs as NBService.exe is a nero program which is responsible to control all jobs created using Nero BackItUp. These jobs can create backups of selected files/folders/partitions or complete hard disk to hard disk, network drive, disc or FTP.

Although very less people use this service to backup folders or partitions using Nero BackItUp and it gets installed with nero and keep running in the background and using the system resources like CPU and Memory.

Here is how you can stop NBService.exe service and prevent it from running at system startup

1. Open Start Menu >> Run and type Services.msc and press Ok

2. Locate the service named Nero BackItUp Scheduler


3. Right click the service and select Properties

4. Now first click the stop button on the new dialog box just opened and then click the drop down under startup type to select disabled


5. Click Ok and That’s it done


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