Stop, Manage System Pop Up Notifications

You must have encountered some problems with the application notifications which keep on disturbing again and again while doing anything important on the system. It is really very annoying as these notifications disturb you by deviating your attention with a help of popping sound and popup window at the taskbar.

It will not disappear and will keep on bothering you until you cancel them. As a result, your precious time is wasted and you loose the workflow, but no need to worry now because with the help of snarl 2.21 you can easily manage your system’s notifications.


It comes with a huge bundle of features. Among the variety of features, first is providing a notification system that can be controlled by you. Applications will have to register with this freeware and then all the registered softwares or applications will be enlisted under the ‘Apps’ option of Snarl. You will be able to control the notification of only those applications which are already registered with snarl.


The basic settings regarding Snarl like ‘Starting Snarl with the system login’, ‘Configuring the Hotkey for Snarl Preferences’ etc. are enlisted under the ‘general’ tab where you can configure snarl as per you needs.

‘Apps’ tab selects the type of notification which is supposed to be displayed as all the possible notifications are categorized under different classes and mentioned in the drop down menu. ‘Display’ tab will select the duration for which this notification should be displayed.


All of the general settings regarding how to display a notification are centralized into a single location i.e. under the snarl’s preferences, so you should know where to look each time. You can also assign different styles and scheme to each notification in order to differentiate them as per your convenience.

With snarl running on your system, any application which is installed on your system will automatically register with snarl and start displaying notifications. There’s no intervention or configuration required.

Snarl comes with an attractive system clock and other extensions which are enlisted in under the extension tab, the clock displays the time and reminds you after every hour similarly the battery extension shows the notification whenever the supply is connected and disconnected. It also consists of various themes with vibrant colors which makes your Workspace admirable.

This tool would be of immense use to you if you want to work peacefully without being bothered by any kind of notification. This tool is compatible with all versions of Windows as it has already been checked on Windows XP and Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit edition.

Download Snarl 2.21

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