Stop hpqwmiex.exe From Running | Disable hpqwmiex.exe Service | Fix Error hpqwmiex Module Stopped Working And Was Closed

Some of the geek users like me are very much worried about what all processes running on their hp laptop computers or desktop, so that we can eliminate the junk of process added by HP for no useful reason as per me but just to make my laptop slow in processing by running useless programs which keeps using the CPU and memory all the time.

One such process is hpqwmiex.exe service which runs automatically at system startup and keeps running in background, moreover it will run itself again even if you kill this process named with this executable as it a windows service. Lets have some information about this service first.

What is hpqwmiex.exe ?

hpqwmiex.exe is a process associated with HP ProtectTools security manager from Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P..\r

Note: This is service is not useful or essential for widows to run

This hpqwmiex.exe executable is found in C:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\Shared\ if it is there in C:\windows or C:\Windows\System32 then it is virus delete it.

Follow the procedure below to stop hpqwmiex.exe or stop hpqwmiex Module at windows startup

1. Open Start Menu >> Run and type msconfig and press Ok button on run prompt.

2. Click the Services tab and locate a service named hpqwmiex ( as shown in the image below )


3. Uncheck the check box and click ok

4. Now check the checkbox which says Don’t show this message again and click the button Exit Without Restart


5. That’s it! Done


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