Stop Google To Use HTTPs

Recently you might have noticed that Google has started redirecting their users and their searches on from http to https automatically. Although, we are not saying that it is an issue and must be handled but still it may lead to issues on some of the computers. Today, we are going to discuss that how it may be avoided? If you are experiencing pages that do not load, broken applications or other issues, then certainly you may want to fix or reverse the change. As said earlier, that Google recently announced that they would enable https, also known as encrypted, search for all logged in users that visit the main search engine and they have already implemented this.

What exactly it means is that no one in your computer network can even see what you are doing on the Google website, thus making your search secure and private. Although, they still can see that you are on Google, and will see the sites that you click on. As said earlier, using this secure connections is an optional feature and along with this Google has added a preference in the Global Search preferences to enable or disable the secure connection feature, if you have noticed that.

For those Google users who notice automatic redirects and don’t want this redirection, they can prevent this from happening in the search settings. In order to implement that they need to click on the options icon in the upper right corner of the screen which can be seen next to the profile name and user need to select Search Settings from the context menu that opens up.

In the same menu, user need to scroll down until the user finds the Secure Connection setting, as shown in the below snapshot.


You may observe that secure connections are enabled if the box is checked and if it is not then it means that it is disabled. But, if it is enabled then, in order to disable it you just need to simply remove the check mark and after removing just click on Save Preferences. This will help in putting an end to redirects to the https version of search, as discussed above.

One may observe that although, it is very simple to disable this functionality, but still in some cases it becomes very important to keep a complete track of what the user is searching on the website. In such scenarios, this simple tip may become handy and useful.

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