Stop Google Chrome To Offer, Suggest To Translate Pages In Google Chrome

There are times when you don’t want google chrome to offer to translate pages which you have opened, at such times it might quite annoying for some people who know that language and they can read that new page opened in foreign language in google chrome.

Google chrome allows you to disable the automatic feature of suggestion to translate pages in google chrome, follow the procedure below to know how.

1. Run google chrome and navigate to google chrome options as shown in the image below.

google chrome options

2. Now navigate to Under the hood section under google chrome options as shown in the image below.

7-31-2011 4-46-56 PM

3. Now scroll down and locate the option to turn off the translate feature suggestion in google chrome as shown in the image below.

translate feature in google chrome

Make sure you uncheck this option which says Offer to translate pages that aren’t in a language I read – that’s means your native language you have set in google chrome.

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