Stop Google Buzz Replies Showing Up Inbox

Google Buzz seems good innovative way to share what you are thinking, it much more simpler and easier to use and understand but one the most annoying things people started noticing is the google buzz replies in their gmail inbox. These replies are not only your own buzz getting comments but some one else buzz on which you have commented.

Many people including me don’t like the large number of replies, Finally google buzz team has added some options in gmail to control the number of buzz replies you see in your inbox.

In order to control what buzz replies you want to see in your gmail inbox, log in to your gmail account and click the settings link at the extreme right top of the browser.

Under Settings click the Link Buzz which could be the last link as shown in the image below.


Now, You will see the following options which controls which buzz replies will be sent to your inbox [ as shown in the image below ]


With some other options below, you can even disable google buzz in gmail, set the privacy options related to google chrome, that’s it. If you want to read more about google buzz you can read our articles around google buzz tips. Do let us know if you have any other question around any google buzz option.

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