Stop Facebook To Suggest Your Face To Tag In Photos Uploaded By Your Friends, Colleges & Other People

Facebook has this great feature which actually scans your face every time some one tags your photo, this way facebook activates facial recognition feature for every user using facebook. However you can not stop your friends to tag your photos, but the one thing you can do on per photo basis is to visit the facebook photo page and remove your name tag as shown in the image below.

remove delete tag

Another privacy option which says – Let friends of people tagged in my photos and posts see them

This option you can find under facebook privacy settings, just above the customize settings link. It means that if there is a Friends of Friend who are not your friend and not even a common friend then they can see you tagged picture. So, If you do not want these people to visit you or see you, uncheck this option first.

6-11-2011 5-02-30 PM

Now another case when some one tags your photos and you don’t like it, in this case some of your friends uploads some photos of some outings or event, now facebook will run a quick scan and might give some tags suggestions in those pictures on your face and ask your friend to recognize you as shown in the image below.

facebook friend tag suggestions

If you simply don’t want your face to appear in such tag suggestions at such times, facebook now allows you to turn this feature of facial recognition off which enabled on for every facebook user, follow the procedure below to turn it off.

1. Login to your facebook account,

2. No go to account >> Privacy settings through the top right menu option on facebook as highlighted in the image below.

6-11-2011 4-47-18 PM 

3. Click customize privacy settings as highlighted in the image below.

customize facebook privacy settings 

4. Under Things others share section, click the edit settings button

6-11-2011 4-52-26 PM

5. Now select disabled and then click okay button to disable this feature.

6-11-2011 4-53-17 PM

This way your name will no longer be suggested in photo tags, though friends can still tag you manually.


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