Stop Facebook, Friends To Share Your Online Data, Information With Apps, Websites

Facebook is no doubt one of the biggest social network on internet across different countries, but the another biggest problem with facebook and its apps is that it there are chances that these apps and facebook might be sharing your private data including what you post and share on facebook, you can read more here on how facebook apps might leak your facebook data.

In order to stop facebook, its apps and your facebook friends to share your confidential private data on facebook you can go through the steps mentioned below.

There are many ways with which your facebook data may get leaked out like friends might expose information when they use apps. In order to control what they can share and what not, use the facebook settings to control the categories of information people can bring with them and you will also need to control which facebook apps can share and what they can share about you.

1. Login to facebook

2. Go to facebook privacy settings

facebook privacy settings

3. Under facebook privacy settings, click apps and websites as shown in the image below.

facebook privacy apps and websites

4. Now you can disable apps which you think could be leaking your facebook data as shown in the image below.

facebook apps

5. You can change how people bring your info to apps they use as shown in the image below.

facebook sharing permissions for friends

6. You can also disable facebook instant personalization feature which lets you see relevant information about your friends the moment you arrive on select partner websites as shown in the image below.

disable instant personalization

You should know on Facebook, your name, profile picture, gender, networks, username and user id (account number) are always publicly available, including to apps. Also, by default, apps have access to your friends list and any information you choose to make public. So, with the above settings you can control about most of your data you have uploaded on facebook and protect it from getting leaked by default.

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