Stop Display Of Start Splash Screens, Promotional Banner

Splash Killer is a free to use program which allows you to remove slash screens from many third party programs which display promotional banner and links in the form of the splash screens to their website when you run these softwares.


As shown above, is a screenshot of adobe photoshop start splash screen. In such cases when you are really annoyed by these non sense time wasting splash screens you can remove this portable program, It silently runs in system tray.

Note: It cannot kill all splash screens of all the programs, but still it can remove many programs those are already installed programs on your computer.

After running this program, by double clicking system tray icon and select config.


Now add those program executables which show splash screen on startup and click ok, for most of the programs the splash screen wont appear any more, but you will need to test with which programs it works.


This application works on all the windows version including windows 7, you might need to run this application on windows 7 in windows xp compatible mode, but we ran it without xp mode it worked fine without any issues.

Download Splash Killer

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