Stop, Disable Facebook Video Chat, Calling Feature On Facebook Profile

Facebook has recently launched the cool new facebook video chat feature which allows you to do video call one on one basis with your facebook friends, in case you want to setup the video chat feature on your facebook profile you can read our guide here

For those who privacy gets affected on facebook due to this feature or for some reason you would like to disable this video call feature on your facebook profile so that no one can do a video call with you on facebook, you can try the following methods given below.

There can be different ways you can get away from the video calling feature on your facebook profile, the best way to be away from from it is to just go offline in facebook chat as shown in the image below, once you are offline no one will be able to chat or video call you.

go offline facebook

Once you have enabled the video calling feature on your facebook profile, there is no way to disable the feature explicitly, now if you want to be online on chat but don’t want to do video chat with any one on facebook, you should uninstall the facebook video plugin in that case from your computer as shown in the image below.

1. Go to add remove programs in windows as shown in the image below.

7-8-2011 1-21-09 PM

2. Under list of installed programs, find the facebook video plugin and double click to start uninstallation of it.

facebook video calling plugin uninstall

Facebook video calling works due to this plugin, once this plugin is removed you can not use your webcam on this computer to do the video calling.

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