Stop / Disable Automatic Updates In Adobe Reader 7, 8 Explicitly

Adobe reader update is really annoying and it puts additional downloads which might not be good for your bandwidth limits, previously we have written about how you can change the preferences to block adobe reader updates.

Today we will tell you how can you stop adobe reader automatic updates by default when you are connected or not connected to internet.

1. Open Adobe Reader and Go to File Menu >> Help and click Check For Updates


2. It will check for updates and then show up another dialog box, where you will need to click the preferences button to configure adobe updates to stop updating.


3. Now uncheck the box which says Automatically Check For Updates


4. click ok, that’s it. 

Note: But if your computer is not connected to internet, you might not able to stop adobe reader updates with the help of above procedure,

In that case you would need to edit registry keys corresponding to adobe reader updates, follow the procedure below to do the same.

1. Download disable updates in adobe reader registry file

2. Double click to merge the above registry file.


3. click ok to confirm it. that’s it done.

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