WLIDSVC.EXE and WLIDSVCM.EXE are two new process that might show up as running process in task manager in windows, these two process belong to the windows live service. These two process can be found running where live essentials beta product pack has been installed.  So both of these process are not viruses, malware or any kind of threat.


Even then these process are not dangerous in nature but they keep up using the system resources and contribute in making your system slow.  Both of these process are a part of windows live sign in assistant which gets installed with the bing bar – which is another annoying toolbar gets integrated in firefox and internet explorer, you can read our tutorial to remove bing bar from your computer completely. These two process does not go after removing or deleting bing bar as they are part of live sign in assistant tool.

What is Windows Live Sign In Assistant ?

Windows Live Sign-in Assistant which is an Internet Explorer add-on that comes included with Windows Live Smart Clients, such as Windows Live Messenger. The goal of this add-on is to help make your sign-in experience faster and more convenient for users that have more than one Windows Live ID account.

Note: You can still remove windows live sign in assistant, you will still be able to login to all live essentials products and services. 

How to Uninstall Live Sign In Assistant ?

You can remove or uninstall live sign in assistant from Control Panel >> Add Remove Programs [ might be little different in windows 7 as Programs and Features ] in windows which will remove these process and they will not after live sign in assistant uninstalled.

Note: Please note if you plan to remove live sign in assistant, bing bar will not work if you intend to use it, so this better remove them both bing bar and live sign in assistant.

If you face any issues in uninstalling live sign in assistant, do let us know through comments.


  1. Derek says

    I started noticing it after updating their Games for Windows software. Now any games purchased through GFWL won’t run unless this sign-in assistant is installed.

  2. Aquila says

    I got it with Operation Flashpoint Red River. Doesn;t microsoft realize these things negatively impact game preformance?

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