Stop, Block Spam, Advertising SMS, Calls Or Report Violation Of DND On Airtel

With advancement comes its disadvantages as well. This is the era of mobile phones. After the Print, TV, Radio, Internet and Outdoor Advertising, here comes the ‘Mobile Advertising’. Anyone must get annoyed with unwanted and endless promotional/tele-marketing calls or SMSs that keep on hitting your mobile devices all through the day, sometimes, in the middle of some very important work. And still you take time to answer it sometimes and to your ultimate despair, its just another tele-marketing call leaving you all annoyed and even angry a couple of times.

So, what’s the solution to this nightmare? It is quite simple. All you need to do is get your mobile number registered in NDNC – National Do Not Call registry. Here, we’ll be covering only the Airtel subscribers. You’ll be having two options to do so – either you can use your phone(call/SMS) or you can use the web(that requires you to fill an online form).

Option#1 : From your Airtel Mobile or Landline Phone –  call 1909(toll-free)


SMS START DND to 1909 from your Airtel Mobile.

Option#2 : Airtel Postpaid or Prepaid Mobile customers who wish to register on Airtel’s Do Not Disturb list, fill this online form.


Airtel landline customers who wish to register on our Do Not Disturb list, fill this online form.

Note#1 : Promotional calls and messages to your airtel phone should stop within 7 days from registration. You will receive a Unique Reference Number, through SMS, for your records. If you have already registered and have recently updated your preferences, please allow 7 days for that change to be implemented.

Note#2 : File a complaint – In case you have been registered on airtel’s Do Not Disturb registry for greater than 7 days, you can place a complaint for any promotional communication you may have received in the last 3 days.
In case you have not registered yet, please click here to register.


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