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There are times when you just don’t want a program to run by others other than you, for an instance you just want to block a game on your computer which some one plays on your computer and you can’t remove that game but would like to block it from running somehow. It could also be a software which you don’t want others to use on your computer.


Windows Application Blocker is a freeware utility which allows you to block or stop any software, application, program or any other exe from running. This tool is portable in nature which means you don’t need to install it, you can run and use it directly with its executable.

How It Works ?

It basically blocks the application name which will be the executable name which you specify, but in any case a user who might change the name of the execuatble, then try to run it – it will run because this application just blocks the executable name.

How To Use and Block A Program ?

1. Download Windows Application Blocker from here

2. Run it, and when it asks for the password just press the ok button

3. Now you will need to find the executable name of the program which you want to block, and type it. Just like in my case it was utorrent.exe for the utorrent application as shown in the image below


Once you have entered the executable name, click the button saying to block it from running and it will be added to the windows program block list of executable file names.


You can simple unblock any program already blocked by selecting the program and click the button unblock on the application interface of windows application blocker. You can also set your own custom password to run and use this program so that others who don’t know the password can’t use this application.

Download Windows Application Blocker Setup | Similar Other Tool – Lock Up

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