Stop, Block Retweet, Replies Email Notifications From Twitter

Twitter has just rolled out some new feature and changes across all twitter users as per which now all the users will get email notifications when some one replies to or retweet your tweet on twitter. However they have made it simple by allowing users to configure the options and stop these notification mails sent to their inbox but by default every user on twitter will start getting these notifications via email.


May be they have rolled out these changes to make twitter more popular among those who don’t use much, as now they will get emails when some one replies to or retweet their tweets on twitter, but this can be real annoyance for some pro users like me who use twitter 24×7 as I don’t want to flood my already heavy inbox with notifications emails from twitter. Specially it will become a worse situation for celebs accounts who have large number of followers and they get maximum number of replies and retweet.

You can set your email preferences to to let you know when:

  • You have a new direct message
  • You are sent a reply to one of your Tweets or are mentioned in a Tweet
  • You are followed by someone new
  • Someone retweets or favorites one of your Tweets
  • We send out a newsletter or update on Twitter
  • We send specific updates related to your account such as reminders or suggestions

Twitter say that Email notifications help you stay up to date with your Twitter account so you can find out what’s happening and what’s relevant to you even when you are not actively checking Twitter, You can opt out of receiving these notifications at any time, follow the procedure below.

Turn Off Twitter Email Notifications

1. Go to  – login with your twitter username and password

2. Go to settings page once you are signed in


3. Change your email preferences in the notifications section of your settings page. Uncheck those scenarios when you don’t want email notifications and click save button at the bottom as shown in the image below.


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