Stop, Block Facebook Group Chat Messages & Email Notifications

There are times when some one added you to facebook group and then you started receiving chat messages and email notifications. If you are getting spammed or annoyed by these email notifications or group chat messages you can easily block or stop them.

You can edit the facebook group preferences to stop getting email notifications and group chat messages, follow the procedure below to do it.

1. Login to

2. Now go to the facebook group page and then click Edit Settings on the top right corner of the facebook group page as shown in the image below.

12-22-2010 9-21-43 PM

3. Once you click the facebook group edit settings button, you will see small popup window which will show the option to unsubscribe email notifications and group chat messages just by unchecking two check boxes as shown in the image below.

12-22-2010 9-25-48 PM

4. Once you have unchecked both of these options shown in the image above, click Save Settings button to save these preferences.

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