Stop Autoplay On Youtube But Allow Buffering In Background

Yes, I have seen some users asking me this question who would like to watch multiple youtube videos one by one by opening them under several tabs. But the main issue which arises in this situation is that these videos starts playing automatically as soon as you open the video page under different tabs which cause the sounds to come from these videos and it becomes an audio mess.

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In order to solve this situation we thought about a solution which could allow to stop the autoplay of the youtube videos but enables buffering of these videos specially for people with slow internet connections.

Stop Autoplay But Buffer The Video

For Google Chrome there is an amazing extension called Stop Autoplay for youtube – YouTube autoplay is annoying when you open a lot of pages at a time, but many extensions that turn it off also stop the pre-buffering of the video, which is crucial for slow networks.

Buffering without youtube video autoplay

There are no configuration options for this extension and it does not add any new icon to the google chrome toolbar, so you don’t need to worry about the google chrome toolbar space and decreased size of address bar due to more additions on google chrome icons.

For firefox users, I would recommend them to install YouTube Auto Buffer & Auto HD user script which allows you to buffer the video without autoplaying, removes in-video ads, and puts it in hd if the option is on. You can install GreaseMonkey and use this script in firefox.


We hope this way you can have more control over the videos you are watching on youtube, in case if you have a related problem let us know through comment section below.

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