Stop App Store On iPhone To Close, Minimize While Downloading Apps

I have been using iphone for a long time now, previously I used iphone 3g for a year, and these days I am using iphone 4 one of the most annoying thing I have faced on iphone is when ever I try to download some app using the app store app on the iphone, just when I purchase an app from the app store and tap the option to install and download it the app store apps automatically closes or minimize itself.

Just when I think of installing some other app from the app store I need to reopen the app store app, but now there is a solution for jailbroken iphone users who can install a free app called StayOpened via cydia under ModMy repository as shown in the image below. 


Once you have installed this application, go to Settings >> StayOpened


Under StayOpened application settings and Make sure the first option enabled under the label StayOpened should be on. 


As you can see in the image above you can change the title of the button for the free apps to something else you type here and can also change the purchase confirmation title.

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