Stop and Remove GoogleCrashHandler.exe From Running On Your Computer

GoogleCrashHandler.exe is one such new process which is being noticed by many users, you can see it running in the task manager under the process tab. Firstly, for all those who are considering this process as a virus, note the point that this process is associated with google chrome and other google softwares.

What is GoogleCrashHandler.exe ?

GoogleCrashHandler.exe runs continuously on your computer if you’ve selected to send anonymous usage statistics and crash reports to Google for certain Google software, like Google Chrome. It helps send crash details to Google when your Google software unexpectedly shuts down. We use this data to help determine how to prevent these errors from happening in the future.

Here is how you can stop GoogleCrashHandler.exe to run automatically in background

1. Open Google Chrome

2. Go to File Menu >> Options


3. Click the tab Under The Hood, and uncheck the option which says – Help Google Chrome better by automatically sending the usage statistics and crash reports to google


4. click Close, after doing as un checking this option you will not see GoogleCrashHandler.exe running again.

I hope you like this trick, you can read more process tips mentioned at the end of the post to speed up your computer and save your CPU from being used by useless processes.

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If the above steps does not work in your case, follow the comments by other readers which might help to remove google crash handler from your computer


  1. Daniel says

    Your info is incorrect. The option you suggest to uncheck is already uncheck and I do have the googlecrashhandler.exe in task manager.

  2. Jordan says

    I’ve already uninstalled Google Chrome, but GoogleCrashHandler.exe AND GoogleUpdate.exe are still running in my processes. do you know how to remove them in my circumstance? thanks!

  3. Arg says

    Same as Jordan. I’ll speculate that Google “forgot” to include these in the uninstaller or they’re running spyware and hoping no one will notice. Either way, it’s evil.

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