Stop Ads Display In MSN Windows Live Messenger

MSN Windows Live Messenger by default shows ads which make your experience disturbing if you use msn or live messenger, these advertisement are displayed at the bottom of live messenger windows and ads are embeded in a rectangular form which may become big in size if you take your mouse over the ad and spoil the entire view.

MSN AddsBlocker is a freeware utility which allows you to remove ads in windows live messenger in single click, this little utility lets you remove the most annoying thing in windows live messenger which is ads.

Please Note – Before running this program to remove ads make sure that windows live messenger is not running in the background as a process, here is how to use this program.

Once you run this utility, you just need to click on the windows logo in the center, and after clicking it will remove ads in windows live messenger and will show you a confirmation prompt.


Here are two snapshots I took of windows live messenger one with ads and one without ads.

live-messenger-with-ads live-messenger-without-ads 

Download MSN AddsBlocker | Stop Ads Display In Yahoo Messenger 10


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