Stop Adobe Reader from popping up for updates

Most of us use adobe reader for reading pdf documents, the most annoying problem with adobe reader is the pop window which pops up every time you open adobe reader.

You may have pressed the cancel button so many times, but it again pops up when ever you load or start adobe reader( as shown in the image below)








The pop up window can be stopped by showing up, by disabling updates in adobe reader. (as shown in the image below)









Uncheck the option highlighted in the image above which says: Display notification dialog at startup and click OK.

That’s it Done.


  1. Kurteous says

    Adobe Reader 9.0 has done away with these options. (On this page, and from the first comment above.) In the program’s Edit > Preferecnes > Updater section, we have three options: Automatically install, automatically download but let me choose, and “Do not download or install updates automatically.” Trying to find a solution now to rid myself of the annoying notification, I have checked the last option (I had the second option previously), but I have the sinking feeling it is not going to curtail the reminder from popping up as frequently as it does. Is it not creepy that Adobe has done away with its “Display notification dialog at startup” option from earlier versions that this article offers as a fix?

  2. Kurteous says

    Upon further checking, for users of version 9.x, the “Preferences” MAY be accessed by going to Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Updater6. If you run the updater exe file, the “preferences” link may become available once the checking for updates process ends. If so, you can uncheck the “automatically check for updates” box.

    It was also recommended elsewhere that you can go to the Program Files\Adobe\Reader 9.0\Reader\plug_ins folder and delete the Updater.api file. (I renamed it, just in case I feel masochistic, and the file might be useful in the future.)

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