Stolen, Lost Laptop Send Email Screenshot, Location To Owner Every Hour With LockItTight

Some time back the phone companies came back with the Mobile Tracking Technology to help you to track the lost mobile phones. But now a days like mobiles, Laptops are also very common and every one from students to business professionals use it. Laptops have become a very important need in our life now a days as if you are a student you need to do all your assignments and projects on it, and for professionals there are various important applications and important project data on there laptop. Therefore it’s important that we don’t lose our laptop and protect it from getting stolen. Today I have got a software named LockItTight from Timeon Technologies.

The software will help you to track your laptop. The application is a freeware and will help you to track your laptop by providing you with the precise location of your laptop. The application will also monitor your laptop for the things it is used for. To start using the tool you will first have to make an account on LockItTight. There is no registration charge for the account. Now download and install the client software from LockItTight on your laptop with administrative privileges. During the installation of the software you will be asked to enter the Username and Password for your LockItTight account with which you registered yourself on its website.

cnet_LockItTight  1

This is the first screen which will open when you will download the software. The software is basically a client and not a software even. It has four specifications you will have to read the option and press Next button.

cnet_LockItTight  2

This step gives you an option to download the IncrediMail. If the checkbox is checked the IncrediMail will be set as the default home page. After this press Next.

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This is the last step when you will click on the Install Now button. it will install the software

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The application is basically a server side application. There are actually no option available for you to modify at the client side. The above window will open when you will click on the My devices option in the Website.  The My Devices has options for various important information about your laptop like Location, Screens, Camera, Files, Keys,Clipboard(x), Settings ,Clear and Delete.

cnet_LockItTight  5

The Device Settings option will give you option to specify some important things like Description, Report Interval, Report Location, Report Screen Capture, Report Camera Capture, Report Key Logs, Report Brower History, Enable remote file retrieval, Enable Remote File Deletion, Encrypt the capture and Show Tray Icon which can be modified the way you want them to be.

Download LockItTight.

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