Stealth, Secret Copy or Transfer USB Flash Drives Files

Next time when you want to copy any content from any of drive to you USB drive, then you don’t have to search every file manually. Usually we select each and every file manually and then copy them into the specific folder of your USB drive. But I have a tool names as USB grabber, which indicate its operation from its name that it will grab all the data from a drive specified by you to the USB drive.

As the size of this tool is very small, around 212 Kb, so it is very light and it does not even get installed. It will minimize itself on to the tray and then you can use it from there. It cannot only grab the data from any drive but you can also allot a folder which is to be grabbed. It has many options under the settings tab so that you can make it work according to your convenience.


You can see from the above snapshot that it will start grabbing the data as soon as you press the grab button on the application window of this tool. By default it considers that all the drives in your system are USB drive, so if you want to copy any amount of data from one drive to another then you can use it or else you can change the settings of that tool and then it won’t consider your hard disk drives as USB drives.


If you want to check the grabbed data then you go to the grabbed data through the context menu of the USB grabber and if you want to keep that folder safe then you mark it hidden. You can make it to grab the data with the help of hotkeys like you are required to press ‘Crtl + F12’ to start grabbing the data. It can also select the files automatically by their or their size as predefined by the user. You can see all the types of settings provided by this tool from the snapshot shown below.


It has an option named as ‘Autorun’, which will Autorun this tool once you try to select open, Autorun or explore option in order to open your USB drive. By default this option is disabled but if you want to use it then first of all you will have configure it and then you can use it.

This freeware is compatible with all the versions of Windows, as it has been checked on Windows XP and Windows 7 32-bit Ultimate edition.

Download USB Grabber

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