Copy, Extract Wallpapers From Any Windows 7 Theme Pack File

Previously we have written several windows 7 tips like how to Increase The Display Time Of Notification Messages, how to Add or Install New Windows 7 Themes and Make Windows 7 Opened Windows Dance etc.

Today we will tell you how to steal wallpapers of a windows 7 theme, here is how you to it.

In order to steal the wallpapers of a third party windows 7 theme you first need to install and apply it [ as shown in the image below ]


Now click the desktop background link as shown in the image below


Note the path to wallpapers here for this theme as shown in the image below


Open the following folder path

C:\Users\<replace with username>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Themes

For Example:


Here you will find all the third party themes you had installed in windows 7 [ as shown in the image below ]


Now open the theme folder for any theme and look for the folder called Desktop Background which will contain all the wallpapers of that theme, just copy these wallpapers and store them in a separate folder and then set these images as rotating images for your desktop background with some other theme of your choice.


In order set these images copied from this folder as rotating desktop wallpapers in windows 7, refer this tutorial we have posted before.


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