Static 2.0 Metro UI Based Theme For Windows 7

Metro UI is one such great interface showcased by microsoft in windows phone 7 and now some developers has started designing windows 7 themes based in metro UI which looks co clean and elegant. We have previously reviewed some applications like metro style photo viewer, metro style notepad for windows.

On the other hand windows 7 static 2.0 metro UI theme will make windows 7 look amazing with its metro UI icons and interfaces. Below is a screenshot of how will windows interface and icons looks like once you install this awesome theme on your windows 7

windows 7 metro ui theme 

This theme comes with following

1. Three different visual styles
2. Three different explorer frames (for 64x and 32x windows 7)
3. Preview
4. Readme with installation instructions
5. Matching Start button orbs

Please note – You will need to patch system files in order to install this theme, you can read our guide on how to install third party themes on windows.

Download Static 2.0 Theme For Windows 7

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