Startup Programs Load After Windows Boot With Time Delay

Installing Windows is a difficult and time consuming task and once installed the new operating system work quite fast and responds quickly as well. Time keeps on passing and users try new and different softwares and programs to enjoy the functionality of windows at the fullest.

Now after the process of installing new stuff on your computer is repeated several times, the symptoms of slowing down might not be seen while the computer is running but at windows startup these symptoms can be certainly observed with the Welcome screen holding for a longer duration of time than it normally does.

Another problem comes up when the system starts and applications in the system tray take hell lot of time to show up eventually annoying the user and forcing him to either uninstalling programs or stopping applications from running at the same time on startup. But what if a program could time other applications at the startup according to your requirement or preference ?

To sort this problem out a 70KB program known as Startup Helper is available at Codeplex and the most unique thing about it is that it doesn’t need to be installed since the executable file can be run directly. On the window of the program the applications are added along with the time duration after which they are scheduled to run.

Program Startup Helper

In Step 1 the delay time is to be entered after which the user wants the programs to start. Step 2 is required to add the programs wished to be arranged in order and the portion of the screen with Step 3 shows the countdown for the applications once it is started.

To add programs click on Add New Item which opens a window with three fields to fill in namely:

  • Title – Give a name to the program to be added in the list.
  • Program Path – Provide the executable file path for the program.
  • Delay Time – Enter the time after which it should run.

Add Startup Helper

Once you enter all the details and add several programs, click Start as shown in the first Image and the program countdown starts if one intends to test.

So now when you turn on your computer your programs will open in a sequence that is predefined by the operator.


The program runs on XP (SP2 or newer) and Vista with Microsoft.Net Framework 2.0 or newer version

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Download Startup Helper

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