Start, Turn On Computers Connected To Local Network Remotely With WakeMeOnLan

If you are looking for a tool to control the turning on of the computers on the LAN  then WakeMeOnLan is a tool that allows you to remotely turn on one more computer by sending in a packet to the remote computers and this packet is known as Wake-on-LAN(WOL) packet. WakeMeOnLan doesn’t need any installation or any additional dll files. In order to use this tool you will have to simply run the WakeMeOnLan.exe file that you get during the download.

Wake Me On LAN 1

In the above screenshot when you go to File and click on Start Scanning it scans all the IP addresses in your network.When you turn on your computer this tool will allow you to scan your own network. During the scanning process of the network it will collect the MAC addresses of all the computers and saves the list into a file which is a configuration file called the WakeMeOnLan.cfg . Later when the computers are switched off or on standby mode. This list can be used to turn on the computers which can be done done either one by one or all in a single click. This tool also allows to switch on the computers from the command-line if you have the computer-name,IP address of the machine,or the MAC address of the network card.

Wake Me On LAN 2

The Edit menu has the options to find the selected computers, two default buttons to select all and deselect all.

Wake Me On LAN 3

The View menu has the options for the choosing the various columns which are shown when a computer is selected and various other options.

Wake Me On LAN 4

The Options menu has the IP address range that can be specified to filter the search for the particular computers based on the requirement at a specific point of time.

Wake Me On LAN 5

The above screenshot shows the actions that you can perform with a selected computer with the toolbar given below the Menu Options where each button has a different function. In order to wake up a selected computer you can press F8 after selecting the desired computer. To confirm that computers are really turned on the turned on computers are displayed with green icons.

Example For Turning On The computer from the Command Line

With WakeMeOnLan you can switch on a computer from the command line using the /wakeup command line option. The syntax for it is either computer name, IP address, the user text in the properties window or the MAC address of the network card.


WakeMeOnLan.exe /wakeup

WakeMeOnLan.exe /wakeup computer213

WakeMeOnLan.exe /wakeup 21-45-67-P1-90-89

Download WakeMeOnLAN

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