Start Computers On LAN Network Using WakeOnLan

Previously we had written some tips on LAN like Search Files and Folders On LAN Fast, how to copy past across lan network computers and Today we will discuss about new tool called WakeOnLan which is a free to use small java program which sends ‘magic packets’ to wake up or run the computers with wake on lan enabled Ethernet adapters and motherboards.


This a a very simple and easy to use program, in which you can add computers which you want to start on lan with this tool, it requires java 1.4 runtime or newer to run on any machine.

Key Features Of WakeOnLan

  • You can save and load different configuration files as per your requirement.
  • It allows Batch wake up for all the selected machines with one click.\
  • these configurations by this software can be used from the command line
  • It supports german, spanish and english.
  • It is a Portable tool
  • It Runs on Windows, Linux, Solaris and every OS that is supported by java

Download WakeOnLan [ Direct Link ]

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