Spoof, Change Network MAC Address Of PC Computer Connected To Internet

Although, casual users don’t like to pay any attention towards features and functionalities which include complexity like MAC address, but still if we look closely then MAC (Media Access Control) address spoofing can be handy in many situations. Simply by changing MAC address of the system, one can protect the computer system from hacking and external threats. Threats may be the system identification bots which look for MAC address to exploit network administrative privileges and may cause damage for the user’s data and system. But, now the user may prevent the system through freely available internet service in order to bypass network access and bandwidth usage restrictions. This service definitely makes the system more secure by disguising MAC address or by replacing it with other NICs randomly generated MAC address for security purposes. So, let us discuss about this utility in detail which will enable the service for the users.

There are some basic network tools present in the system but they are only for changing DHCP settings, for switching between different network profiles, to ping DNS servers, etc. Therefore, for further advanced features, one need to use a dedicated tool to change the Network Interface MAC address as already mentioned. For this, the utility that we are going to discuss is pretty successful and makes the task look lot easier for the user.

Tecnitium MAC address Changer is basically a small, easy to use, helpful and an advanced utility which has been especially developed to change the Network Interface Card (NIC) MAC address for a particular system in order to prevent it from external threats. One may choose NIC from the given list whose MAC address will replace the original MAC address of the system, thus making it lot secure.


This utility can be easily downloaded from the link given below and after downloading it one may install it easily in few simple steps. After launching it, one may observe that for each active network connection, this particular utility shows DCHP settings details as well, including lot of info like Internal IP, Subnet Mask, DNS servers, Gateway address, etc. which may be useful for the user. Once the user selects the network connection, it shows network interface related info, such as, Connection type, Device Name, Hardware ID, Config ID, and original MAC address which again depends upon the need and requirement of the user and accordingly may prove to be helpful.

User may choose the option accordingly from the main interface, and similarly may choose the Network Connection. Once chosen, user may observe that it shows NIC details, and data link, upload, sent and received details.

So, overall we can say that although it looks like a complex utility but for sure it makes life easy for the user by providing an extra layer of security. So, if you are interested then you may simply download it and may explore more of its features.

Download Tecnitium MAC address Changer

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