Sort, Organize or Archive Your Music Collection With Mp3 Archiver

There could be large number of songs on your pc, these files could be in multiple folders spread here and there randomly, and you don’t have the time to organize all the songs as per different artists as it could take so much of your time, and you can’t even complete it even if you try to do it.

Mp3 Archiver is a great tool which can sort out your music collection with any user input required, it allows you to specify multiple folder paths where songs are stored. It will parse each directory and it subdirectories for any MP3 or WMA’s. It then puts each file in a new directory structure based on the Artist, Album contained in its ID3 tag.


You just need to locate the folders where songs in mp3 or wma format are there and then set a single destination directory where you would like to see your sorted music collection and then click Begin Archiving button on the application interface.

As shown in the image below, the sorted music collection looks like this songs as per the artist and album names.


This small application is portable [ does not require installation ] and works with all windows versions, we have tested it with windows 7, but it might hang if you have a really big music collection, so of it hangs while sorting your music try running this application in computer idle state with out running any other memory hungry programs.

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