Sort, Filter Files In A Folder & Move Files To Multiple Folders

If you feel that organizing all the files on your system is a tedious job then please let me tell you that today we will be sharing a very nice tool with you which will let you to keep your folder or any other location on system clean and organized. Now you should basically use this tool for the folders which is being used by you daily and consists of different types of files like videos, audios, pictures or more. You can call this tool as Sort My Files and in this post I will be telling you about the use of this freeware and it other advantage.


This tool will help you to solve your problem by creating the subfolders in that folder or drive and then all the music file, video files and all the files which have a similar type will located under a single folder. So, after using this tool when you will open that folder or enter into that location again then you will find that all the music format files are present inside the music folder and similarly all the other types of file will be there in their respective folders.

You can see the snapshot of the tool mentioned in the top of the post. You can see that there are two options to select, in which one of them is about creating the subfolders where you will be initially specifying the path of folder which is supposed to be organized and then you will specify the path of all the subfolders in which the files will be stored. All the subfolder which will be mentioned by you in the path will be created while the tool will be operating. Then second option is about only specifying the path where you will specify the path of the folder which is to be cleaned and also the path of the folder like music, video and more. All the files organized will be moved to the location mentioned by you.

The size of this tool is around 300Kb and again this tool should be portable, so it is portable and you are just supposed to carry it in your USB drive with the help of which you can organize any folder easily (without any tension and a drop of sweat). This tool is expected to be compatible with all the versions of Windows as it has been checked with Windows 7 32-bit Ultimate edition. Please let us know if you have anything new to share about this tool, we will be glad to share it with rest of our users on your behalf.

Download Sort My Files

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