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We are all familiar with different views provided in windows 7 , one of which is “detailed” folder view in which column headers in Windows explorer can be seen by clicking on to sort files, or right-clicked on for custom filtering. In Windows 7, however, these controls are only available in the “details” view, and are not at all available with any of the other view modes, i.e. with large and extra large icons, to sort the content of the folders according to date, size, name, and by many other characteristics. This might be a good idea from a purely aesthetic point of view, it takes away functionality that can be very useful and practical.

As a result of which, users, who extensively use these file sort-headers, have to manually switch to Detail view mode in order to sort the files and folders as per their requirements. But, with so much advancement and newer technology that not at all looks to be a feasible option. For this, we recommend you a simple yet very powerful tool which can seamlessly and effortlessly add sort headers in all Windows 7 Explorer view modes. It actually adds all the elements which are required to insert sort-headers in different view modes. The only thing which is needed by the user is to register main DLL file with regsvr32 command to insert headers. For user convenience, developer has made it lot easier by providing simple install and uninstall batch files to add and remove sort headers, respectively.

DLL files for both 32-bit and 64-bit OS are provided in the download package. The only thing that is needed is to register the DLL file or simply run the install the install.bat file. If for some reason, install.bat file doesn’t work, open command line interpreter (CMD) with administrative privileges. Now move to download directory, and open Release folder if you’re using 32-bit Windows, otherwise, open x64 folder. Once opened, type following command and then press Enter.

After the DLL file is added, restart Explorer from Windows Task Manager. Now open Windows Explorer and verify sort-headers in all view modes.


Installation: Here are some easy steps for the installation of this tool::

Run “install.bat” to install and “uninstall.bat” to remove. You may need to log off after or restart your system. If you are upgrading to a newer version of the tweak, uninstall first then log off or restart your system before applying the new version.

Here’s some illustrative screenshots:

Sort headers as they appear in “details” file view mode / default


The screenshot below shows sort headers absent in other view modes (non-“details”)



The screenshot below shows sort headers as applied to all view modes (“details” and everything else)


Download Explorer7Fixes

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