Sort and Move Documents, Pictures and Videos To Separate Folders From A Single Folder With Digital Janitor

It happens to all of us, when we keep on downloading pictures, videos, documents and other files to a single download folder, so every day the download folder is full of files of different types like audio songs, video, documents and pictures etc. In order to clean up the download folder, you can use this free program called Digital Janitor which allows you to sorts the folder depending on where the user wants a certain file type to go, freeing your time.

In simple words this tool will help you to clean the clutter in your download folder and move the files of different types like . mp3, .mpg .jpg and other files types to separate folder dedicated for to store these file types. [ as shown in the screenshot below ]


As shown in the image above you can specify the file extension and the folder where it should be moved to, and after specifying all the sorting rules click the button Auto Sort at the bottom right of the application.

Note: This program requires .Net Framework 2.0 to be installed to work.

Download Digital Janitor to sort folder depending on the file types

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