Some Great New Features In Firefox 4

We have already talked about some of the new features of firefox 4, you read them here. In this article we are going to highlight all the new features of firefox 4 read on further to know what all has been changed in the UI front and other changes made in firefox 4.

The Cool New Address Bar  – Get to your favorite sites quickly – even if you don’t remember the URLs. Type your term into the location bar (aka the Awesome Bar) and the autocomplete function will include possible matches from your browsing history, bookmarked sites and open tabs.

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Tabs on Top – Tabs are above the Awesome Bar to make it easier to focus on the content of the sites you visit.

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Firefox Button (Windows and Linux) – All your menu items are now found in a single button for easy access

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Bookmark Button – Manage your bookmarks in a single button. Find your favorite links without getting bogged down!

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Simplified Reload/Stop Button – Your Awesome Bar now features one easy button to stop loading pages or reload pages.

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Home Button – The Home button has been moved to the right side of the search-field.

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App Tabs – Take sites you always keep open—like Web mail—off your tab bar and give them a permanent home in your browser

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Switch-to-Tab – As you’re opening a new tab or typing in the Awesome Bar, Firefox will check to see if you already have that site open. If you do, you’ll be directed to the existing tab so you don’t open a duplicate.

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Organize your Tabs with Panorama – Too many tabs? Reclaim your browser from tab clutter! Panorama lets you drag and drop your tabs into manageable groups that you can organize, name and arrange in a fun and visual way. To get started with Panorama, simply select the Tab Groups icon when you customize your Navigation Toolbar or right click any tab to Move to Group.

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Smooth Scrolling – Like to have all 20 of your favorite pages open at once? An elegant new feature lets you scroll through tabs easily to see them all and access the one you want quickly.

Reopen Closed Tabs and Windows – If you accidentally close a tab or window, you can reopen it in one click. Just view Recently Closed Tabs or Recently Closed Windows in the History menu and select the tab or window you’d like to reopen.

Password Manager – Tired of trying to remember or retype your passwords every time you visit a favorite site? Firefox is here to help! You’ll be prompted with a non-intrusive option to remember passwords when you first log in—after that, Firefox will take care of the rest.

Form Complete – When you’re filling out an online form like your shipping address, Firefox will suggest information for each field based on your most common answers for similar fields in other forms. Tired of typing out the same answers over and over? You’ll be zipping through the forms in no time!

Pop-Up Blocker – Banish pop-ups (and pop-under windows) from your surfing experience once and for all. Or, find a happy medium: choose to view blocked pop-ups or create an “allow” list of sites whose pop-ups you’re okay with seeing.

Session Restore – Session Restore instantly brings back your windows and tabs, restoring text you entered and any in-progress downloads. You can restart the browser without losing your place after you install an add-on or software update. And, if Firefox or your computer unexpectedly closes, you don’t have to spend time recovering data or retracing your steps through the Web. If you’re in the middle of typing an email, you’ll pick up where you left off, even down to the last word you typed.

Tags – Label a site with names or categories that are meaningful to you. For example, you can label both and with the “news” tag. When you enter “news” into the location bar, both sites will be shown as results. A single site can have multiple tags, and there’s no limit to the number of tags you can create. You may not remember the exact name of a site, but with a tag, you’ll be able to find it easily.

One-Click Bookmarking – Manage your bookmarks a lot or a little. One click on the star icon at the end of the location bar bookmarks a site. Two clicks and you can choose where to save it and whether to tag it. File bookmarked sites in easy-to-access folders and organize according to theme (like “job search” or “favorite shopping”). Find your bookmarked sites in a flash by entering the tag, page or bookmark name into the location bar. The more you use your tags and bookmark names in the location bar, the more the system will adapt to your preferences.


Search and Find – The find feature appears with a simple keystroke. Search for a word or phrase on an open Web page. Highlight text before using the feature and the finder opens pre-filled with your selection. See all instances of your search at once, or scroll backwards and forwards through any appearances of the word on the page.

RSS Feed Reader – Spending hours combing the Web for the latest news and updates? Instead, add an RSS feed icon to your toolbar and create feeds using an online web service, a client-side feed reader or by creating a Firefox Live Bookmark.

Download Manager – Download files seamlessly and securely! A pause and resume feature means you can stop and start anytime. So, if you’re halfway through downloading a big file and it’s time to catch the bus, just pause and pick up where you left off later. The resume function also works if your system crashes or is forced to restart. The manager shows your download progress and even lets you search your files by name or the Web address where the download came from.

Offline Browsing – Take your computer offline and still have your information at your fingertips. Certain sites may allow applications—like your Web-based email—to stay with you at all times.

Full Zoom – Want to see captions and pictures in a larger size? An elegant new zoom feature lets you swoop in and see the details on web pages, zeroing in on what matters. The pages will scale equally, with all the elements of layout changing at the same level.

Naturalized Look & Feel – The Firefox platform looks and feels like home. Think of it as a Firefox who’s really good at making friends. Whether you use Windows 7, Mac or Linux, the browser seamlessly integrates into your computer’s environment. A native look makes for a flawless interface that never gives you pause.

Firefox Support – Need help? Firefox support site has a searchable knowledge base of articles, plus forums and tutorials full of solutions and tips for a better experience.

Here is a video below to watch how all these new features came into effect in new firefox 4 at this link

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