Some Facebook Apps Might Be Accessing Your Mobile Phone Number

Are you a Facebook addict and you have been receiving a lot of spam mails and SMSs these days. Well these two things can have a connection. There are many pros of all the features that are available to us via Facebook like integrated calendar sync and phonebook sync but there may be a few cons that we haven’t even thought of yet.

Well, you must have noticed that there are many apps that demand your permission to let them access your basic information and other contact details but what you are not aware of is that these third party applications can easily pass off that sensitive information to any other source and hence all your private details can be made public. We are not blaming that this has to done intentionally but there are a lot of hackers and stalkers who can use this information and can do any thing to get it.


So all we want from you is that if you have a tendency of playing games or using applications that need to access your personal information then you should always think before allowing them to do so and atleast what you can do is change your actual information to something else if you don’t want to stop playing third party applications for that matter.

The main purpose of social networking site is to provide a platform for all your friends to keep in touch easily and help you find others which might seem to be having same interests as yours but since you don’t want any stranger to get into your house without your permission you should take precautionary steps as well.

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